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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Clubs and Organizations

There are numerous clubs and activities at NAHS to meet the interests of all students. Below is a partial listing of the active clubs. Students can also start their own club- just find a staff member who would like to be an adviser and a few other students who share your goals!

ArabicClub                                         Mr. Elghotni

ArtClub                                              Ms. Brandhorst

BetaClub                                           Mr. Dickey

ChemistryClub                                   Ms. Hall

ChineseClub                                      Dr. Zhao


C.A.S.Contact                                   Ms. Stewart (IBCommunity Service Hours)

DebateClub                                       Mr. Perez

EarthClub                                          Ms. Costarides

FrenchClub                                        Mr. Maury

FBLA                                                 Ms. Bowen

GuitarClub                                         Mr. Harris (Wilson)

IBBook Club (Parent/Teacher)            

Interact(Service Club)                                        


MathClub                                           Dr. Daniel

ModelArab League                             Ms. Costarides

ModelU.N.                                         Ms. Stewart

NationalHonor Society                        Ms. Grant

Newspaper                                         Mr. Stenger


SpanishClub                                      Dr. Murell