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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Senior Fees


How much do I owe?

Senior fees are $200


What does this money pay for?

This money will pay for your cap and gown*, your diploma cover*, 10 official graduation announcements, your 2014/2015 Yearbook, a Graduation Week Senior Breakfast and Cookout, a class of 2015 t-shirt, a class of 2015 custom draw string sack (as well as other graduation memorabilia just for you), professional programs for both Visions of the Future and Commencement, and more!  Our goal is to make these culminating events very memorable and dignified.  THIS MONEY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PROM and/or JUNIOR DUES.  Additional graduation announcements can be purchased through Herff Jones.  A Herff Jones representative will be at North Atlanta on October 15th to meet with the seniors.  During this meeting, you will fill out your cap and gown measurements for graduation.

*Held until all requirements for graduation are met and all obligations to the school paid. 

How do I pay?

PAY ONLINE (Saves you $2.40)
Go to and Click on “Pay School Fees” link

ONLINE ONLY à Full payment is $190 and half payment is $95 to offset the 4% service fee

You will need your student ID #



Bring a Money Order made payable to North Atlanta High School to Mrs. Hunter

before school or afterschool in room 5113 or during 4th lunch in the cafeteria


What happens if I do not pay?

You will still receive your diploma if earned, but you will not be able to participate in Graduation, the Visions of the Future program, the Senior Breakfast, or the Senior Cookout.  You also will not receive any of the above mentioned items


When are the deadlines?

At least HALF the fee is due by December 10th 
Any remaining balance is due by March 25th  


Are there any incentives for paying on time?

Yes!  All seniors who pay at least half the fee by December 10th will get their name engraved on their yearbook for free AND will receive their Class T-shirt early. (Passed out the week after December deadline)  All seniors who pay in full by March 25th will receive their 10 graduation announcements. (Passed out the week after March deadline)


What if I don’t pay by March 29th?

After the final deadline on March 29th, fees become $200.  Orders for memorabilia will be placed according to the number of seniors that have made payments.  There is no guarantee to receive memorabilia if your fees have not been paid by March 29th.


Please contact Nan Hunter , 404-802-4719, Room 5113
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