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Thomas Jefferson Perkerson Elementary welcomes new principal Tracie Astin.
Not only is Principal Tracie Astin a proud product of Atlanta Public Schools, but her parents are as well. That family history makes her genuinely invested, not only in the district’s future, but in her commitment to continuing a legacy of greatness.
Her hope for the next generation is central to her platform. In principal Astin's own words; It is with a renewed sense of pride and purpose that I ask each of my students to genuinely think about their stake in this journey and the level of excellence and performance that will be expected and indeed demanded of them.” proves her overall commitment and dedication to educating our youth.  
Principal Astin hopes to establish a culture of excellence here at Perkerson. She also wants to ensure a prioritized focus where students are valued and equipped to succeed in there next level of educational pursuits. Principal Astin believes all students are capable of achieving a high level of success and excellence.
In addition to engaging with students, Principal Astin is looking forward to working collaboratively with faculty/staff, students, and the community, and she is eager to gain their feedback. Principal Astin earned an Educational Specialist and master’s degree from the University of West Georgia. She holds a Bachelor of Science in English and History Secondary Education from Alabama A&M University.
In all pursuits, Principal Astin aspires for students to be the core of the district’s work and the nucleus of every decision.
Perkerson Welcomes Principal Astin !
Tracie Colton-Astin, Principal