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Brown Middle School Student Dress Code

school uniforms

Basic Requirements

Slacks and Pants (solid khaki)

·        Pleated or flat front

·        Full length

·        Fastened at the waist

·        Belt must be worn with pants that have belt loops

·        No baggy/saggy or tight fitting pants


Skirts, Jumpers and Capri Pants (khaki or approved plaid)

·        No shorter than two inches above the middle of the knee or longer


Shirts, Blouses (white)

·        Straight, button-down or turtle neck collar

·        Long or short sleeves

·        Polo style

·        Tucked into pants and/or skirt


Outerwear (navy blue with crest)

·        Blazers

·        Light outerwear, such as sweaters and vest may be worn


Shoes (socks solid white, brown, blue or black)

·     Shoes must be predominantly black

·     Steel toes, cleats, bedroom shoes, high heels, or flip flops are unacceptable

·     No boots higher than 2’ above the ankle are permissible

·     No hats, caps, wave caps, “Do-Rags”, wristbands, rubber bands or headbands may

     be worn in the building. Additionally, Bandanas are unacceptable. 

·     Head scarves and other decorative materials may not be wrapped covering the entire head,unless affiliated with religious organizations or cultural beliefs.
 ·    Sunglasses may not be worn inside the building unless prescribed by a doctor.

·     Male shirts must be tucked in and no student’s shirt is to be bloused out to give the appearance of being tucked in.  Jerseys may be worn over acceptable attire, but must be tucked in. Undergarments should not be visible at any time.  Students who wear trousers or slacks that have belt loops must wear a belt and the belt must be visible. Pants must be worn at the waist (no sagging). A belt would assist with this.

·    Male students are not permitted to wear earrings or ear studs.  Students will not be

     allowed to wear any type of body-piercing jewelry such as nose or eyebrow jewelry.