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Dobbs Elementary School

Capture the Promise: Sowing Seeds for Success

Dr. Charnita V. West              

Dear Dobbs Family,

It is my honor and pleasure to serve as your principal!  Capture the Promise: Sowing Seeds for Success was selected as the theme for the 2013-2014 school year because I am confident that our students will attain many accomplishments throughout their lives.  It is the responsibility of the school, parents, and the community to nurture our students’ dreams, feed their desire for knowledge, and watch them blossom before our eyes! 

We have been busy planning exciting opportunities that will make Dobbs a great place to teach and learn.  Plans are underway for building a playground on our campus, designing a new website, launching a Dobbs Facebook page, organizing student clubs, creating Parent University, and much more!  

Parents and the community are partners with us in our students’ education, and there is enough work for you to do to take an active role.  My mentor addresses parents by stating, “Do not let a stranger teach your child”.   I am personally welcoming and inviting you to take an active role in our school and be visible – join PTA, utilize the  Parent Center, volunteer wherever needed,  or tell us your talents and we will assist you in discovering the best way for you to participate in the lives of our students.  I look forward to working closely with each of you for the success of our children.

Filled with Jaguar pride,

CharnitaV. West, Ph.D.