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Mr. Salley I am pleased and honored to be the principal of L.O. Kimberly Elementary School and desire to be a shining STAR in your child’s life and lives of our faculty, staff and stakeholders.

Here is my
STAR commitment to you:

Service: I will be passionately committed to serving our school system, school faculty, staff, parents, stakeholders and most importantly our students, and will embrace the great traditions of the Atlanta Public Schools and its exceptional leaders.

Teamwork: I will cultivate distributive and shared leadership and a collaborative culture to mobilize the caring power of ourschool community.

Accountability: I will adhere to the highest standards ofprofessional leadership and responsible stewardship of resources.

Results: I will work tirelessly to obtain the highest level of personal and organizational performance.



1.       Make all decisionsin terms of what is best for the children.

2.       Look ahead, not back.

3.       Set high expectations and goals for yourself and the children.

4.       Strive for professional growth.

5.       Keep a positive attitude and stay flexible.

6.       Be creative.

7.       Be willing to take a risk to improve instruction and the school.

8.      Be fair, consistent and loving with your students.

9.       Confer discreetly with students when disciplining.

10.   Respect your colleagues.

11.    Effectivelyc ommunicate with stakeholders.

12.    If you have a problem, discuss it with an administrator rather than other staff members.  Keep internal conflicts or concerns“internal”

13.    Maintain confidentiality.

14.    Accept instructional supervision as a means of professional growth.

15.    Contribute to apositive learning environment with an organized, neat, attractive school building, one that provides an enriched environment for our children.

16.    Be punctual in arriving at school and school events and prompt in turning in reports, and other paperwork.

17.    Know the information in the staff and parent handbooks and follow the rules and guidelines therein carefully.

18.   Do your part to help L.O. Kimberly Elementary reach the school goals.

19.    Present a positive, professional image for L.O. Kimberly Elementary through actions and appearance at all times.

20.  Determine within yourself to always be guided by the Atlanta Public School System’s motto “Excellence in Everything We Do!”

Joseph L. Salley