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Dear Parents, Students and Friends,



It is with great pleasure that I welcome you, as part of our educational family, to another wonderful school year.


Our staff and administrative team have been very busy this summer.  We have participated in staff development workshops and trainings which enabled us to further our expertise in various curriculum areas and refine classroom management skills.  Academic emphasis on the core content areas of reading, language arts, science, social studies, and math will remain a priority as well as instruction in the arts, technology, and physical education, providing each student with the opportunity to develop skills in these areas.


Our focus is always providing each child with new challenges that will result in a rewarding school experience.  Therefore, this year at Gideons, we have two grants that will help us improve our academics.


As we begin this school year, please remember that this is your school and we welcome your involvement.  Since we recognize that parents are their children’s first and most important teacher, we need your cooperation and involvement to provide your child with the best safety and educational environment possible. Take time to review and or talk with your child(ren) about their school experience.  Your interest and concern in their school progress will motivate them to do their best,  Maintain contact with your child’s teachers and related service staff members to establish a successful home/school connection.


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the school at 404-802-7700.

Wanda Harmon