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Dr. Samuel P. Scavella, Principal

America's Promise Place Dedication Dr. Sam Scavella HOSA State Competition 2013
Welcome to The Principal’s Page! The 2013–2014 school year will be filled with excitement and many new learning opportunities. Students receive the best education when we work as a team. It's a parent/guardian, mentor, or coach's enthusiasm, support and involvement that inspires children to do their best; coupled with a teacher's ability to teach what our students need to learn. Together we can achieve great things! 
High School is a time to refine our students’ talents, skills, attitudes, and beliefs as they mature to a serious state of consciousness and work towards a common goal – that is, to graduate with a high school diploma prepared to enter and complete their college or post-secondary pursuits and take their place in society as responsible citizens of the community, state, and nation. At Booker T. Washington High School of Health Science and Nutrition (HSN), we strive for excellence. Below are our standards to ensure that each student meets our expectations and arrives at a state of excellence.


Standards of Excellence

The staff at Booker T. Washington will:

·    Create a safe nurturing environment that encourages students to accept and find the best in themselves and others

·    Challenge students to reach their full academic potential

·    Help students find the inner confidence they need to take calculated risks and set goals in their lives

·    Instill in students a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves, their school, and their community

·    Ensure students graduate with the skills and mindset to enter and complete college, a post secondary educational program, or are career ready to enter the workforce 

Please take the time to peruse our website. You will find some very important information as it relates to the success of all youth at Washington High School. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for improvement, please feel free to contact me at
To all of our past, present, and future Washingtonians, welcome to the land where the Bulldogs dwell, where we are, “Enriched by Tradition...Achieving Excellence through Collaboration!”


Yours in Education,


Samuel P. Scavella, Ph.D.