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Standards of Excellence

Standards of Excellence                          

Ø Create a safe nurturing environment that
    encourages students to accept and find the
    best in themselves and others.


Ø Build positive relationships as an effort to promote
    high levels of performance and commitment to
    future success.


Ø Help students find the inner confidence they
    need to take calculated risks and set goals in
    their lives.


Ø Instill in students a sense of responsibility
    and respect for themselves, their school, and
    their community.


Ø Challenge students to reach their full academic
    potential by making deliberate plans to provide
    a rigorous course of study while ensuring that
    every student understands the relevance of a
    good education.


Ø Commit to our mission to educate students with
    the belief that every student possesses the ability
    to perform at a high level and graduate high school
    and college





 “Achieving GREAT Things through Pride, Progress, & Professionalism!”